25 May 2010

UPTOWN | Richard Lindner 1968

Richard Lindner, Uptown, 1968

The artistic universe of Richard Lindner is unique: he is highly genuine, he is full of urban energy, and he is driven by weird eroticism...Richard Lindner started his career as an artist eventually at the age of 40 in New York. In this metropolitain jungle Lindner created his oevre: exciting and powerful images of robot like figures, amazones and heroines, harlequinades of self-styled heroes- his artistic panorama of the unruly 60s an 70s of the 20th century.

-Claus Clement, Richard Lindner - Paintings, Works on Paper, Graphic - Nuremberg 2001

Read a great article from Studio International 1968 here: Richard Lindner and the Human Being as a Toy