26 May 2010

Blowin in The Mind | Dylan vs. Martin Sharp 1967

Mister Tambourine Man as envisioned by Australian psychadelic poster artist Martin Sharp.  This is one of the most collectible images of the era, with one in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum.  The original image was used as the cover art for OZ magazine, no. 7.

"Martin Sharp has ensnared Sydney's essence: that comic-strip convict town forever caught between the Devil and the deep blue sea. Sharp's odyssey began in Sydney's eastern suburbs where, as an only child, he grew up "in a world of cartoons", obsessively painting, storytelling and cutting up his mother's magazines for collages... Today, the man still revered as one of the world's foremost pop artists lives as a virtual recluse in the shambling Sharp family mansion at Bellevue Hill."

- Excerpt from Time Out, "Martin Sharp : Sydney Artist"