23 March 2018

Ashley Nell Tipton * Hotel de Ville

These cat-eye dazzlers, inspired by the original Catwoman, are Ashley's signature frame. Sourced internationally and made from Italian acetate, these frames are high-quality and durable.

22 March 2018

Dave Brubeck

TIME Magazine Cover: David Brubeck -- Nov. 8, 1954

PERFECTION does truly exists...

19 March 2018

Bizzare Love Triangle

Barbara Payton visiting Franchot Tone in the hospital, 1951

'50s Cateyes...Click Here 

Tom Neal with Barbara Payton                                    

In 1950, Payton met actor Franchot Tone and the two were later engaged. While engaged to Tone,Payton began an affair with B-movie actor Tom Neal. She soon went back and forth publicly between Neal and Tone. On September 14, 1951, Neal, a former college boxer, physically attacked Tone atPayton's apartment.