21 February 2024

Chris von Wangenheim

 spectacled birthday

US Vogue April 1979
"The Protectors! Sunglasses"
Models: Eva Voorhees & Unknown
Photographers: Chris von Wangenheim, Ulf Skogsbergh & Andrea Blanch
Hair: Garren & Bob Fink
Makeup: Alberto Fava & George Newell

Oomph Girl


William Travilla with Ann Sheridan

20 February 2024

Sidney Poitier

 spectacled birthday

On this day in 1927, actor and film director Sidney Poitier, was born. Here is a powerful interview from him in 1968 addressing how he was being treated by the press. He rips into journalists after only being asked questions surrounding race.

18 February 2024

Teen Queen

 spectacled birthday

Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink
When it comes to teen movie romances, no one has done it better than John Hughes. One of his most famous romances from the 1980s was PRETTY IN PINK. The name for the movie came from a song by The Psychedelic Furs, a band introduced to Hughes by Molly Ringwald, the movie’s star.