16 July 2018

Barbara Payton

Mommy Dearest

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Ruby Romaine on working for Joan Crawford

14 July 2018

"la FĂȘte Nationale"

July the 14th is the French national day – it’s called “Bastille day” outside of France but never in France! “Le Quatorze Juillet” is a day of celebrating French culture.

13 July 2018

Remembering Frida

Frida Kahlo's sunglasses

An exhibition after almost 50 years of her death threw open the doors of her wardrobe for the world to see, and surprisingly, the collection included a pair of sunglasses.
This is bit of a surprise because none of the artist’s portraits or her existing photographs show her as wearing these shades, yet the pair – a contemporary and chic cat-eye frame – is very much symbolic of Kahlo’s fashion-forwardness.
Also, the ultra-feminine design of the shades seems to reflect the feminist that she was.