15 September 2019

Paulina Porizkova

 'Sports Illustrated Model', 'America's Next Top Model Judge' & cover girl Paulina Porizkova 

10 September 2019

Wanda & Billy

Wanda Jackson and Billy Gray

09 September 2019

Sylvia & Little Joe

1972 saw the release of the final film in the ‘Flesh / Trash / Heat’ trilogy, which centre on the darker aspects of American culture. Based on the 1950 American film-classic ‘Sunset Boulevard’, ‘Heat’ focused on the life of a former child-star who attempts to revive his career. Young filmmaker Paul Morrissey took a leading role in the making of these three films, and converted Warhol’s aesthetic and interest in challenging the viewer’s perceptions, into a more mainstream format. 'Heat' was generally well received and was included in the Venice Film Festival. This poster was to promote the film’s world premiere at the tenth New York Film Festival.