05 August 2016

Recordando, Chavela Vargas

Born in Costa Rica, Isabel Vargas Lizano,AKA, Chavela Vargas moved to Mexico and invented herself as a wild behavior, carrying a gun, wearing men's trousers and singer of rancheras.
She became close friends with the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, who stayed at their home. It is rumored that Chavela had an affair with Frida, but spoke about it, she was also acquainted with the art scene and was friends with Picasso and the writer Carlos Fuentes .

Vargas first album was released in 1961 and has since recorded more than eighty recordings. In sabbatical during the late seventies with rumours that she had died. 

Problems with alcoholism, she managed to overcome, and returned in 1991. Vargas worked out regularly, lifting weights, and at 80 years of age began parachuting.

Chavela owes part of her fame to films, particularly in Pedro Almodovar's movies .