03 September 2010

Sunvogues VS Cornelius | 1969


Some people make a habit of the sun. Going where the fun is.

On magic islands Columbus named, and never saw again. To sunny ports whose streets once heard the clash of Spanish swords. In lands of ancient castles where fabled kings still sleep.

No doubt about it, fun and sun and romantic places go together. But no matter who you are or what you do, one thing is certain. Wherever the sun shines, people need sunglasses. And, where the sun is, SUNVOGUES are.

Style? SUNVOGUES have something for everyone. Working girls who yearn for glamor. Glamor girls who yearn for more. Jet pilots racing the sun. Truck drivers facing it.

Quality? Who could ask for more than optically ground lenses, polished to prescription precision. Designed to absorb potentially harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays.

Fit? From bridge styles to eyeshapes to temples. SUNVOGUES are thoughtfully designed, methodically engineered to assure hour after hour of relaxed wearing comfort.

SUNVOGUES ... the sunniest, happiest thing that ever happened to sunglass wearers.

From American Optical.

-American Optical Sunvogues Catalogue, 1969.