04 June 2010

The Last of the Independents | Hadrian Belove

Hadrian Belove in Thierry Lasry from Hotel De Ville
In the lobby of the Silent Movie Theatre on Fairfax, a set of stairs leads to the hidden headquarters of Cinefamily, the outfit that has programmed and managed the theater for the past three years. Upstairs, two walls are lined with dry-erase boards bearing non sequitur lists, the fruits of brainstorm sessions for future programs: Conspiracy Theory, Kusturica, squirmcore (whatever that is). At a table piled with ashtrays and DVDs sits Hadrian Belove, the former video-store owner who has led the charge to turn this storied, reputedly haunted old theater into the site of some of the most vibrant and unusual repertory and independent-film programming in the country.

From Hadrian Belove: Pathologically Idiosyncratic Programming by Karina Longworth, LA WEEKLY, May 2010