19 December 2014

New York Doll or Jean Genie....Cyrinda Foxe

Cyrinda with her first husband David Johansen

Katheleen Hetzekian, dreamt of fame fashion and fortune and moved to NYC in the early 70's. Kathleen changed her name to Cyrinda Foxe, began hanging out in the downtown scene, frequenting clubs like Max's Kansas City and partying with Andy Warhol and his Factory Superstars. Cyrinda partied with several rock gods of the era like David Bowie, and appeared in the 1972's video, Jean Genie. She also appeared in Andy Warhol's BAD. 

18 December 2014

Outsider Colin Wilson

Colin Wilson's groundbreaking work on existentialism and creative thinking, The Outsider, published to wide critical acclaim in 1956, that remains his best known work.

17 December 2014

iPad photo shoot

 Chanel released a series of black-and-white behind the scenes images of the campaign shoot, which shows Karl Lagerfeld doing his other day job--photographing the campaigns for every brand he's involved with. He was also using an iPad to photograph supermodel Linda Evangelista.