20 August 2014

Jayne Mansfield or Joan Collins?

Born in the 1950s alongside the towering bouffants and beehives that rose up against the restraint of war-era style, cat-eye glasses first debuted as prescription lenses and didn't crossover into sunglasses territory until the early '60s. Since then, the style ebbed and flowed in popularity, trend cycle it has proven itself a classic.

18 August 2014

Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers of 1933 (Mervyn LeRoy & Busby Berkeley, 1933)

16 August 2014

Madonna -Wayfarer's are Burning Up (Original 1981 Demo)


Wayfarers were designed in 1952 by optical designer Raymond Stegeman, who procured dozens of  patent for Bausch and Lomb. The iconic frame became popular during the 50's and 60's.  Wayfarer made a huge come back again in the 80's and the early 2000's. 

Madonna's Debut Album "MADONNA" Celebrates 30th Anniversary