11 January 2017

Jorge Negrette Y María Félix

In 1953, when María returned to Mexico after her stay in Europe and Argentina, she was reunited with an "old enemy": the actor and singer Jorge Negrete. Unlike their difficult first meeting ten years ago on the set of El peñón de las ánimas, María found Negrete, in her own words: "surrendered to my feets". After a brief romance, the couple married in 1953, in a tumultuous ceremony, transmitted by radio to all Latin America, held at the House of Catipoato in Tlalpanowned by María. Unfortunately. Negrete was already ill when the marriage took place. Negrete died eleven months after at a hospital in Los Angeles, while María was in Europe shooting La Belle Otero. María's appearance at his funeral dressed in trousers, caused a huge scandal, which led María to take refuge in Europe.