08 August 2016

The Many Loves of Luis Miguel Dominguín

Luis Miguel Dominguín life was famous beyond being a bullfighter, belonging to a family saga and, an "an undisputed winner: handsome, bright" friends with the likes of Orson Welles, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau and Hemingway, and loved by the most beautiful women. His name joined the unattainable women like Ava Gardner , Lauren Bacall , Anabella, Deborah Kerr , Romy Schneider, Maria Felix and among others . His love affairs were always the subject of gossip and rumors. The first was Cecilia Albeniz , granddaughter of the famous composer, died tragically in a car accident on Christmas 1949. That same year, Luis Miguel had been seen on numerous occasions with Angela Perez de Seoane , daughter of the Duke of Pinohermoso.