22 April 2014

Casino 1995

Exploring the dark underworld beneath the glamerous veneer of Las Vegas, Martin Scorcesse's award winning flim Casino (Universal Pictures, 1995) teams the legendary director with his longtime collaboartor, actor Robert DeNiro. Following the exploits of Sam Rothstein (DeNiro) as he rises to the top of the dangerous yet lucrative world of Vegas, running a successful casino with his mafia connections. Also starring Joe Pesci in a genre defining role as a mafia enforcer and Sharon Stone in her Golden Globe winning preformance as the hustler Ginger McKenna. 

This film marks the final collaboarion between Scorcesse and DeNiro to date, an incredilby successful working relationship spanning from nearly three decades and winning countless accolades for the two film makers.

All Photos Courtesy of Universal Pictures, 1995