03 March 2014

Polish School of Posters

During the times between the 1950's through the 1980's, a new trend arose in Poland regarding film posters. Choosing to reject the common practice of treating a film poster as a means to advertise the film, promote whichever big name actors or describe the plot, these artists saw a chance to take things in another direction. By exploring the various motifs and themes rather than looking at the film at face value, these artists were able to create masterpieces in their own right. Although some of the posters fall flat when it comes to selling a film, be it though misconceptions or outright spoiling the plot, they've still managed to turn the medium on its head. Their work, known for its use of gestures, bright colors and metaphors would go on to mold the world of design in later years.

All images courtesy of cinemaposter.com