21 February 2014

Oleg Cassini 1913-2006

 Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair

Fashion designer and socialite Oleg Cassini led an accomplished life, crafting the image of some of the most prominent fashion icons of the day. Born in Paris to a family of Russian diplomats, Cassini would eventually make his way to America. Not soon after his arrival in Hollwood, he found what would become his life's calling first as a costume designer for Paramount Pictures.

Soon after, World War II broke out and Cassini enlisted in the military, paving the way for him to become a nationalized citizen. With the money earned from his time in the service, Cassini was able to open his own fashion house in New York.During this time Cassini also made headlines through his various high profile companions, having been acquainted to such headlining actresses as Gene Tierney and Grace Kelly.

As his fame grew in the fashion world, Cassini attracted the attention of soon to be First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Becoming the "Secretary of Style" to the White House, Cassini developed such bold ensembles fit for one as prominently in the public eye as Mrs. Kennedy, "...[dressing] Jackie to be a star in a major film, which she was, the most famous first lady of all time."(Cassini, Oleg 1995) 

Photo Courtesy of New York Times

Photo Courtesy of Photo Agency

Photo Courtesy of Washington Post