02 November 2012

La Voz áspera de la ternura : Chavela Vargas

Mexican Ranchera Singer Chavela Vargas.  For many years she sang on the streets but in her thirties she became a professional singer. In her youth, she dressed as a man, smoked cigars, drank heavily, carried a gun and was known for her characteristic red jorongo, which she donned in performances until old.

Vargas debuted at Carnegie Hall in 2003 at the age of 83, at the behest and promotion of Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, a long-time admirer and personal friend of Vargas.  Her music has appeared in many of his films.

Chavela Vargas Website Oficial

Chavela Vargas crossed over this August, and her funeral was held at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City.  Click here to watch her burial procession (party), complete with mariachis, roses, and a crowd surfing coffin.