07 November 2012

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche's Exclusive Specatcles

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche’s very first sketch of the so-called “exclusive spectacles” with its revolutionary lens replacement mechanism (1977).

Ferdinand Porsche and Count Alexander von Kolovrat at the Austro-Daimler automaker company in 1922.

These sporty, 80s style shield sunglasses were made famous by Yoko Ono. The artist wore them for the first time at a press conference in 1979. After that, Ono was seen in the Porsche Design glasses so often that the P´8479 is now primarily known as the Yoko Ono sunglasses.
Among other appearances, the singer was pictured wearing them on the cover of “Rolling Stone” magazine as well as on the record sleeves of “Yes, I’m a witch” (2007) and “It’s alright” (1982). In addition, Yoko Ono wore the sunglasses on a photo shoot for the fashion magazine, “New York”.