02 March 2012

Staring At The Sun

Polarized lenses are popular with those who play outdoor sports, those who drive a lot, and people who spend time near the water. The reason people choose polarized sunglasses to cut down on glare from horizontal surfaces like water, playing fields, and the hoods and roofs of vehicles. Polarized lenses also reduce eye strain and make hazards easier to see. Additionally Polarized lenses don’t dim the field of vision, so whether lenses are polarized or not is unrelated to how dark the lenses are. 

Courtesy of Wenn Pic
Courtesy of 20th Century Fox
Courtesy of Wenn Pic
Courtesy of Jen Lowery
Polarized lenses can be found in a multitude of colored tints, as mirrored lenses and are available as traditional tempered glass.

Early Carl Zeiss sunglass lenses used brown tints to reduce the impact of solar radiation for light sensitive individuals.