30 November 2011

Theia : First Lady of Eyesight

Theia Euryphaessa was the Titan Goddess of Light and Vision. She was the daughter of Ouranos (Sky) and Gaia (Earth) and consort to her "brother/husband" (that's how they did things back then) Hyperion A.K.A. Sun High-One. Though there would be many other Goddesses of Glasses in centuries to follow, she was the first!

The Titan Gods ruled the ancients for quite a long time until the Olympian Gods organized a successful coup d'etat and took over the universe. Fortunately, everyone was immortal so no serious injuries were sustained.

Painting of the Titanomachy by Cornelis van Haarlem (1588)

Below is a post-modern trailer for the 1981 version of Clash of the Titans using contemporary audio and film editing techniques from the 2010 release, an interesting example of how the ancient stories evolve and are retold through the cycles of time.