25 October 2010

Irving Berlin | At The Devil's Ball

I had a dream last night
That filled me full of fright
I dreamt that I was with the Devil below
In his great big fiery hall
Where the Devil was giving a ball
I checked my coat and hat
And started gazing at
The merry crowd that came to witness the show
And I must confess to you
There were many there I knew

At the Devil's Ball
At the Devil's Ball
I saw the cute Missus Devil, so pretty and fat
Dress'd in a beautiful fireman's hat
Ephraham, the Leader man, who led the band last fall
He play'd the music at the Devil's Ball
In the Devil's hall
I saw the funniest devil that I ever saw
Taking the tickets from folks at the door
I caught a glimpse of my mother-in-law
Dancing with the Devil
Oh! the little Devil
Dancing at the Devil's Ball

The Devil's Pa and Ma
Were standing at the bar
Conversing with the little fellow who first
Put the pain in champagne wine
He was pouring it out in a stein
I bought a round of ice
For ev'rybody twice
It wasn't long before I ordered a fan
And before the break of dawn
I put my overcoat in pawn

At The Devil's Ball, Irving Berlin, 1913