07 September 2010

The HDV Guide to Paul Sapiano

Director Paul Sapiano in his Hotel De Ville Vintage Frames

Paul Sapiano is a Hollywood based writer director, best known as creator of the “Boys and Girls Guide” franchise, a multiplatform, politically incorrect comedy franchise spanning movies, TV and literature.

Born in the UK, Paul moved to LA in 1996, at the age of 22 where he worked as a production assistant on numerous commercial shoots. He was soon able to create his own showreel of spec comedy work which lead to an illustrious and award winning career as a comedy commercials director.

From here it was a short step to writing screenplays, and with the release of his 2007 cult hit, “The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down”, and the slew of accompanying festival awards the film garnered, Hollywood’s doors were opened to him. Most recently he was the Exec Producer of the pilot called “The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down” produced by Comedy Central.

Paul’s home base in Hollywood is the esteemed digital effects shop HenryLA, which also houses Big Primpin Films, (production arm of the “Boys and Girls Guide”), and the company producing
“Hollywood Sex Wars”.