16 June 2010

Scopitone vs. Antoine | Les Elucubrations 1966

Sixties French Artist Antoine sings Les Elucubrations in a junkyard...

Lyrics loosely translated as follows:

Oh, Yeah!
My mother told me, Anthony, do you cut hair
I told my mother, in twenty years if you want,
I do not care to be noticed,
Not because I find it beautiful,
But because I like it.

Oh, Yeah!
The other day, I listen to the radio when I woke up
Yvette Horner, who was playing the accordion,
Your accordion get tired Yvette
If you played the clarinet instead.

Oh, Yeah!
My best friend, if you knew him,
You could more you separate,
The other day, it was not very smart,
It took a laxative instead of taking the train.

Oh, Yeah!
With my little cousin who is ten years
We watched "Big Teddy Bear" on television,
A teddy bear he said "Good night my good man"
He started dancing the jerk at the Paladium.

Oh, Yeah!
The judge said to Jules, you have killed,
Yes I killed my wife, who I loved
The judge told Jules "You have twenty years"
Jules said: "When you love you always twenty years."

Oh, Yeah!
Everything should change all the time,
The world would be much more fun
There would airplanes in the corridors of the subway
And Johnny Hallyday in cages Medrano.

Oh, Yeah!
If I wear shirts with flowers
Because I'm ahead of two or three lengths,
This is a matter of season
Yours will still have only buttons.

Oh, Yeah!
I received a letter from the Presidency
Wondering, Antoine, you have common sense,
How to enrich the country?
Put the pill on sale in the supermarket.