12 January 2010

I Feel Free | Princess Soroya, 1958

Princess Soroya spent seven years at the Iranian Imperial Court, where she was famed for keeping a pet seal in a fountain, until the royal marriage ended in March 1958 after she remained childless.

The story of Soraya's divorce inspired French songwriter Francoise Mallet-Jorris to write "Je Veux Pleurer Comme Soraya" (I Want to Cry Like Soraya):
Je veux pleurer comme Soraya
Je veux pleurer comme une princesse
Je veux pleurer avec noblesse
Pas dans la soupe, mais dans la soie
Je veux pleurer dans un décor
Un chagrin plus grand que ma vie
Un vrai chagrin qui fasse envie
Je veux pleurer comme Liz Taylor

I want to cry like Soraya
I want to cry like a princess
I want to cry with nobility
Not in my soup but in silk
I want to cry in a décor
A misery greater than my life
A real misery that causes envy
I want to cry like Liz Taylor