05 January 2010

Elegant Exile | King of Romania, 1950

Former King Carol II of Romania and his wife Magda Lupescu, now the Princess Elena of Romania, living more lavishly than any other Estoril exiles in Portugal, 1950.

Known rather for his romantic misadventures than for any leadership skills, Carol was first married to "Zizi" Lambrino, daughter of a Romanian general; and the marriage was annulled by decision of the Ilfov Tribunal in 1919. He next married Princess Helen of Greece and Denmark, but the marriage soon collapsed in the wake of Carol's affair with Elena "Magda" Lupescu , the daughter of a Jewish pharmacist and his Roman Catholic wife. As a result of the scandal, he renounced his right to the throne in December of 1925 in favour of his son who became King in July of 1927. Carol also had a son and a daughter by his mistress Maria Martini, a high-school student. Returning to the country unexpectedly on June 7, 1930, Carol reneged on the renunciation and was proclaimed King the following day.