23 January 2010

All Eyes on Hotel De Ville | HDV in Metro.pop

All Eyes on Hotel De Ville
by Morgan C. Schimminger

Tickle the ivories, appreciate vintage photography and hobnob with stylists scrounging for throwback eyewear. Hotel De Ville Vintage Eyewear is the place to go optically old-school, boasting an inpressive deadstock selection. The boutique caters to the retro connoisseur with a range of 20th century orginial models including couture runway pieces.

"Customers can expect to want to try on every frame in the shop, and will definitely feel transported to another time, " professes Eva Kant, HDV director of communications.

The basic black opthalmic frame and cat eye will always be mainstays, but the dramatic 70s designs are hot commodities. "There is a lot of draw to 80s frames as well, especially masculine styles, the rounds, for both men and women, " Kant explains.

Rest assured you'll pick up a treasured pair since the shops cater to fit and fuction as much as to style. If you're looking to converse about Cazal, just touch base with a Hotel De Ville Optician. These spec-historians will be happy to engage.

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