28 December 2009

Elvis and Me | Priscilla in 1972

Uncertain about who he was and where his career was going, Elvis turned to spiritualism in the late 60s, dragging an uninterested Priscilla with him.  In his search for a "higher state of consciousness" Presley became fascinated with the occult and metaphysical phenomena. During his spiritual quest everyone around them saw Presley's personality change dramatically from vibrant and playful, to passive and introverted. Presley went through a period of celibacy, in keeping with the teachings of an Indian guru. When they were in bed, Priscilla recollects, "he took his usual dose of sleeping pills, handed me mine, and then, fighting off drowsiness from the pills, pored over his metaphysical books." 

Priscilla was not interested, and recalled Elvis saying "Things will never work out between us, Cilla, because you don't show any interest in me or my philosophies."  When this phase of his life passed, she and Elvis had a bonfire and burned the stacks of magazines and books he had accumulated on the subject. They tried marijuana during this time, but did not like it as it made them ravenously hungry. Although Presley abhorred street drugs, they used LSD. While they both thought it had been an "extraordinary experience," they were afraid of it and experimented that one time only.