11 August 2009

She's Not There | The Zombies, 1965

In January 1965 the Zombies were set to make their first in person appearance on U.S. television. They were to appear on the first episode of NBC's Hullabaloo. They played "She's Not There" to a screaming hysterical audience full of teenage girls. Hullabaloo was a musical variety show which ran from 1965-1966 and served as a big-budget, quality showcase for the leading pop acts of the day.

In 1967, the Zombies signed to CBS Records, for whom they recorded the album Odessey and Oracle. Because the band's budget could not cover session musicians, they used a Mellotron, a device designed to imitate orchestral sections. By the time Odessey and Oracle was released in April 1968, the group had disbanded. The album sold poorly, yet it is now considered one of the best of its time and is ranked 80 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.