06 August 2009

Ad Week | Early 80s Commodore Style

I designed Tax Pack so you could do something really practical with your VIC 20.
-Peter Lambert, MBA, Vice President, Product Development, Cosmopolitan Software
This vintage magazine ad comes from Compute! Gazette of January 1983 and features a forward thinking young man pulling off a well groomed comb-over. The VIC-20 refers to the Commodore VIC-20, an 8-bit home computer and the first computer to sell one million units.

The VIC-20 was originally meant to be called Vixen, but this name was inappropriate in Germany, because it sounds like wichsen, a colloquial word for "masturbate". VIC, which was subsequently chosen, has a similar problem, it can be pronounced like fick[en], the German word for "f*ck". Therefore the VIC-20 was finally marketed as the VC-20 "Volkscomputer". Sales of the VIC-20 started declining after the launch of the Commodore 64 in that same year.

HDV research suggests that this may be Peter Lambert today.