05 May 2009

Fabulous Eyewear of Watergate | Courtroom Sketch Artists, 1973

Although photography was clearly allowed during the Watergate hearings, courtroom tradition demanded the presence of these focused and talented individuals to render the participants and jurors (who by law cannot be photographed) in pastels and colored pencil.

Typically hats are not permitted in a courtroom setting, but the courdoroy beret shown on the bearded gentleman at bottom right seemed to have slipped past security. It seems strangely well-suited to the fur-lined goggles he is wearing around his neck, and do note the presence of a very unusual bridge on his opthalmic frames.

For a great article on the Watergate courtroom sketches and to view the artwork, visit The Turkowitz Law Firm site or the online historical archive Watergate, On the Record courtesy of the University of Texas, Austin.