10 August 2019

Robert De Niro's Waiting

American Bandstand

Sarah Dalin of Bananarama

"At the time, our favourite actors were Al Pacino and De Niro, but obviously Robert De Niro scanned better. When the song came out, he was in the UK filming Brazil, and he invited us for a drink at Kettners in Soho. We were all sitting there when this guy knocked on the window. It was a freezing winter’s night and he had a bobble hat and glasses on, and we just thought: “Who is that person trying to catch our attention?”
"We’d no idea it was him. He had his producer with him, who did most of the talking. I think De Niro was quite shy. But of course the whole place was filled with our friends and boyfriends – all sitting at different tables trying to sneak a look at him."